G F Hinton started the Hinton family business in Leominster in about 1880 trading grain and selling animal feeds, fertilisers, seeds and potatoes etc. They operated from a building in Rainbow Street which is now the Leominster Rainbow Social Club and Institute. He carried on business there until about 1911 when he sold out to George Foster who succeeded him and Fosters operated from the same premises until about 1970.
In about 1920 George Felton Hinton’s son John Lynn Hinton started in the agricultural business again and traded from number 19 Broad Street. He had four sons two of whom joined him in the agricultural trade. As the business grew from 1955 onwards they purchased 17 Broad Street part of New Street and later on the adjoining premises of Alexander & Duncan.

Although a large part of the agricultural trade carried on from 17 and 19 Broad Street and the warehouses in New Street they purchased warehouses and buildings to the south of Leominster in Laundry Lane off Hereford Road known as Dowdings buildings. It was here that they carried out their milling operations producing cattle, pig and poultry rations.
Gordon and Sydney Hinton carried on the business until 1970, when they sold out to Spillers Ltd the animal manufacturers and flour millers.

In 1970 Gordon’s sons John and Stuart Hinton started again on their own trading fertiliser and grain trading as Leominster Farm Supplies (now Hintons Country & Garden). This was because of the restrictive clause not to use the name of Hintons when the firm was sold to Spillers.
John and Stuart traded and added to the business and brought the business to what it is today. They have a shop at the Station Yard Industrial Estate, as well as a property business (Leominster Properties) letting residential and commercial properties. Hintons Country & Garden continues to supply the needs of the local community which it has done for years.