20kg Power & Performance horse feed


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Release The Potential      


Ideal for . . .

·         Horses and ponies in hard work

·         Horses and ponies that are sharp and fizzy on traditional competition feeds

·         Horses and ponies needing a combination of fast and slow release energy

·         Horses with intolerances to barley, alfalfa and/or molasses       


Benefits of Power & Performance . . . 

·         A high energy feed – DE 12.8MJ/kg

·         Supplies fast and slow release energy for sparkle and stamina!

·         Balanced with vitamins and minerals

·         Contains a probiotic and a blend of prebiotics for healthy digestion

·         Includes linseed – a good source of Omega 3  

·         Barley, molasses and alfalfa free


Power & Performance is our revolutionary high energy competition feed, ideal for horses and ponies in harder work. High energy ingredients, combined with lower starch and sugar levels than traditional competition feeds, provide horses and ponies with both fast and slow release energy for sparkle and stamina! Power & Performance enables horses and ponies to work hard and achieve results whilst remaining focused